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Measuring sexual subjectivity among adolescents enrolled in the PRESAJ Study: A validation study

By 12 February 2024February 19th, 2024No Comments

A thesis article by Marie-Michèle Paquette, doctoral student in clinical psychology (Ph.D. R/I), was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior last September. Several members of the laboratory collaborated on this article, such as Beáta Bőthe, former postdoctoral fellow, Delphine Perrier-Léonard, doctoral student in clinical psychology (D. Psy.), and Sophie Bergeron, our laboratory director.

Based on data from the PRESAJ study conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jacinthe Dion, the aim of this paper was to validate an adapted measure of sexual subjectivity in a sample of adolescents, and to examine whether there are variations according to gender and sexual orientation. Sexual subjectivity refers to the processs through which adolescents become aware that they are sexual beings with choices and desires, and that they deserve pleasure.

This validation study demonstrated that the Short Sexual Subjectivity Inventory (SSSI-11) has good psychometric properties and can be used with both French- and English-speaking adolescents, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The results also show that girls scored lower than boys on their right to individual sexual pleasure and their own ability to realize their desire and obtain pleasure, but also scored higher on their right to pleasure from a partner. This study contributes to the growing literature on adolescents sexuality through a positive lens.

To read the full paper:

Trois adolescents dans une bibliothèque

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