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New paper on sexual well-being in long-term couples published in Emotion

By 13 December 2023February 14th, 2024No Comments

A new paper was published last May in the journal Emotion. Dr. Sophie Bergeron, director of the laboratory, and Dr. Myriam Bosisio, a doctoral student in psychology in our laboratory, contributed to this article entitled “Hooked on a feeling: Downregulation of negative emotion during sexual conflict is associated with sexual well-being among long-term couples”. This project is based on data from a study in which Dr. Bergeron was the principal investigator. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Couples and Sexual Health Laboratory at Dalhousie University. The results indicate that experiencing greater challenges in transitioning away from negative emotional states during sexual conflict is associated with lower levels of sexual well-being in long-term couples.

The full article is available here:

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