Sexual Health

Sophie Bergeron  Ph.D

Dissemination TOOLS


Gynecologic Pain

Infographic Pain 2021 EN

Motivations for using Pornography

Infographic Pornography 2021 EN

Evolution of Romantic & Sexual Relationships

Infographic Evolution of Relationships 2021 EN

Sexual and Gender Diversity

Infographic Sexual and Gender Diversity 2021 EN

Sexual Subjectivity

Infographic Sexual Subjectivity 2021 EN

Body Appreciation

Infographic Body Appreciation 2021 EN

Romantic relationships in the digital age

Infographic Couple 2021


Sexual Health

Infographic Sexual Health 2021


Pandemic and Relationships

Infographic Relationship and Pandemic 2020 EN


Pandemic and Stress

Infographic Stress and Pandemic 2020 EN


Pornography Use

Infographic Pornography 2020 EN



Infographic Sexting 2021


Alcohol and Drugs

Infographie Alcool Drogue EN V2 


 Bullying and Cyberbullying

Infographie Intimidation EN V2


Violence in romantic relationships

Infographie ViolenceAmour EN V2 


Sex, Gender and Sexual orientation

Infographie SexeGenreOrientation 8x14 EN V2



Infographie Sexualité EN V2


Sexting and Pornography

Infographie Sexualité Numérique EN V2 


other PROJEcTS


Treatment Study - Provoqued vestibulodynia

Infographic Treatment study RCT



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